The Highest Quality Zero to Hero Training at an Incredible Price

To celebrate the launch of our new flight academy we are offering our first FOUR successful applicants their dream training at a dream price

Standard Price After Launch:


Academy Launch One-Off Price with $15,000 Sponsorship:


This very special price will ONLY be available for the first Zero to Hero course this summer to celebrate the launch of our new academy and executive office space at Sebastian Airport, Florida.

Our New Academy Offices

Yankee on the Apron

Course Details

The course price is for an FAA 141 approved zero to 190 hours Commercial Single IR on our fleet of Piper PA28 Warrior aircrafts. After completing the course you will be ready to build those hours towards an airline job as an instructor, ferry or bush pilot, or as P2 of a charter aircraft with the addition of any required specialist qualifications.

This is your cheapest way into opening the door to commercial pilot flying, and being able to apply for jobs and fly for a living. The best students on the course will be offered a chance to train with us on our CFI instructor course and fast track their way to the airlines by teaching in our academy and building those required hours.

We only have capacity for 4 students for this first Zero to Hero course starting summer 2019.

Price includes a 6 month course with 190 hours of flying:

  • Weeks 1-6: Private Pilot Dual and Solo flying plus ground school (35 hours of flying)
  • Weeks 6-12: Instrument Rating Instruction (40 hours of flying)
  • Weeks 12-26: Commercial Dual and Solo flying plus ground school (110 hours of flying) 

Please consider these other standard additional costs for “Zero to Hero” flight training depending on your circumstances: 

  • The introductory price of $29,997 assumes that you will complete the course in minimum hours. Cost of additional hours of training will be $220/hour
  • Accommodation is $250 / week if required
  • Check ride for the PPL, CPL and IR will be additional. There are $500 each paid directly to the FAA

We Never Overbook

Pilots Paradise is a flight training and recreational aviation specialist with over 10 years experience. We are now expanding our operations with a new suite of offices and aircraft to provide the best commercial licence training possible.

This is a 6 month FAA 141 ‘Zero to Commercial Single’ training course at a once-in-a-lifetime price that will see you on your way to becoming an airline pilot as quickly as possible. Many schools can’t train their students this quickly because they overbook their capacity. At Pilots Paradise we never overbook, and that has helped us build a reputation with hours building and instrument training that other larger flight schools can only dream of.

Unfortunately there is a greedy practice by the big schools meaning they overfill their capacity resulting in students sitting around with nothing to do while they wait for instructors and aircraft to become available, ultimately delaying their student’s commercial career. This is the same as greedy airlines that oversell seats, so some passengers get bumped off the flight. WE DO NOT DO THIS. We know exactly the capacity we can handle to perfection, so everyone flies the same amount and gets their qualifications in the quickest possible time.

Our Flight Training Dream Team

Oliver Fisher

Having flown combat operations for the RAF and criss-crossed the world with British Airways, he has a wealth of flying experience across multiple sectors.

The Important Reason Behind The Offer

I was desperate to be a pilot, but was bottom of my class in school, dyslexic, and couldn’t afford the expensive training.

You had to be rich to be a pilot and to some extent you still do, with the university courses costing $200,000, and the zero to hero big academies charging $120,000 even though they still keep you waiting your turn until aircraft and instructors become available.

I did mange to scrape some OKAY grades in school but the ONLY thing that got me through was the dream of becoming a pilot. I hated studying due to my low reading age but I wasn’t going to allow that to be an excuse, and I worked harder and longer than any of my class mates until I understood the material.

So I graduate from high school having worked my tail off, but what next?

The big question to my parents came… Mom and Dad can I borrow $120,000 and remortgage the house so I can become a pilot? NO was the answer. Good answer in fairness and not the right option it turned out, and it certainly wouldn’t be in this day and age either. Back then there wasn’t financing, certainly no big sponsorships floating around or any schools that could offer the course to become a pilot cheap enough for me to do it. So I joined the airforce.

In the UK we can join the military without a costly degree which suited me just fine. I qualified on my second attempt and served 12 years of active duty which allowed me to fly big birds and get most of the training I required to join the airlines afterwards. It was the right path for me, but 12 years is a lot of time and seniority to lose in an airline I can assure you!

I don’t regret my path but I’m launching this academy with the goal of providing young people, who want to become pilots more than anything in the world, the chance to get that airline job as quickly and affordably as possible. I want to find hard working people that have always earned everything they got. They don’t blame others for their failings and want to improve themselves so they can obtain the life they want. People who are willing to put in the extra hours and who don’t have the bank of mom and dad available to sign a $120,000 check for training.

I’m ultimately looking to offer this sponsorship deal to me from all those years ago. It would have been a heaven send for me back then, and I would have grasped the opportunity with both hands, applied with passion, got an interview and made my case on why I would be worthy of such a great deal. It would have been the perfect start to my airline career and that opportunity is in front of you now.

Our flight school was born of hard graft. Just enough profit to keep growing in the direction we needed to. This was achieved mainly by personal sacrifice of the people that work for it and those people have come together to be able to offer YOU this unbelievably good value product. Not because it will make us rich, but because we want people like us, deserving hard workers, to become pilots too.

The story is who we are and this ethos runs throughout our business. And the instructors that I’ve hired are all self-made and earned their wings the hard way, not spoon fed for a year at a large flight school while riding their parents’ bank accounts. We are self-starters, self-improvers, modular students who are damn proud of their achievements and would have loved this kind of opportunity to kickstart our careers.

We are down to earth pilots that earned our right to be in the air, not through money, but through hard work. We are proud of this and will impart our dedication, discipline and work ethic onto you with the aim of producing the finest aviators, ready for their first flying job.

This is our ethos, this is our creed, if this does not sound like you then please, DO NOT APPLY.

If you have been handed everything on a plate your whole life and have cruised through life with a sense of entitlement, then this is not the place for you.

However, if our story resonates with you, then we want to hear from you, and you should APPLY TODAY.

Oliver Fisher, CEO of Pilots Paradise

Applications close for this one-time price at midnight EST on May 31st








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